Top Hyper Realistic Human Models

08 September 2012

In recent years, Sculpting software, organic modeling techniques, and rendering quality have improved beyond dreams, making creating hyper realistic human a possible thing. CGPN would like to invite you to check out the fine works in the area of hyper realistic organic sculpting an rendering.

Morgan Freeman

This Morgan Freeman charater's created for Dark Knight Rises the mobile game by zboot. Read the Model WIP from this thread

The Mafia Man

The Artist, siamak_cgm, used zbrush to sculpt, resurface, UV( UV MASTER) and paint the textures.The textures are hand painted using Zbrush and edit in Photoshop. The Final touch on the textures done in photoshop and maya+Mental Ray was used for final render. 

Art Model In Lao Wu's Studio

This fine hyper real scene was created by a wonderful Chinese digital artist Luo Quisheng with subject focusing on an Art Studio. This is his expaination about this piece  "Lao Wu(WU Wei) is character art director at Virtuos Games, he's an amazing artist and have massive passion on art, he has a lovely studio where I put my model in. These amazingly beautiful sketches on the wall are all his works. He has huge plenty knowndge of human anatomy and I really learnt a lot from his arts."

The Artist Yuri So state, "This is modelling and rendering of Cat Woman (Anne Hathaway) done for 'THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' Mobile game by Gameloft."

Realistic Male Model 

This impressive model and render was done  by Artist PSTCHOART entirely in ZBrush with noexternal renderer nor PhotoShop. Explained PSTCHOART, "Here is my last work. I tried to make realistic skin shader in zbrush. I use all the power of the new features of zbrush. I have been working on this shader in the last 4-5 months. complete render in 1 pass. The shader is made from 3 diferent materials skin tone , deep sss , specular sweat , The render use Ao and SSS . The hairs is fibermesh and the model is standard zbrush modeling"

Ji Gong

The basic model was done by a ZBrush Central Member -- xjgd4321. The main application used were  Maya and Zbrush. Zbrush was used to make all the details. Photoshop for texture, then  Mental ray for rendering.
Mursi Tribesman
The Artist askutt used Zbrush to model the body and retop a few pieces. For Hard Surface elements like the Gun and Bracelets, the artist opted to use Maya.The final renders are done in Mental Ray using IBL and som SSS. Photoshop was used for post effects like grain and depth of field.
 U Ri

Yuri So, the Artist used zbrush and 3dsmax, rendered with mentalray to create this Hyper realistic image of the Korean Actress.

A Head

Bigguns the artist created with photo realitic model. This super realistic Male Head model's genially sculpted in Zbrush with the realistic hair created in HairFarm. Check out this thread for the hair creation. 


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